Executive Summary:

In 2010, the prospect exploration geologist participated in a well that identified live oil when penetrating the Wolfcamp B interval and again in the Wolfcamp C interval. Said live oil was observed in the pits and shale shaker at the surface. Excellent shows were observed in the Lower Sprayberry, as well. These observations were noted and filed for later use.

The horizontal shale resource play had begun and was becoming a hotbed of activity. Numerous conferences and workshops were presented on the play. The same basic observations were made in the Wolfcamp intervals, oil to the surface and high OOIP content from petrophysical analysis.

The well observations were held confidential while the Permian Basin continued to develop and leasehold became available. The logs underwent petrophysical analysis yielding excellent results with 42MBO OIP/Sec in the Lower Sprayberry, 36MBO OIP/Sec in the Wolfcamp B and 26 MBO OIP/Sec in the Wolfcamp C with very low clay content. All zones have positive oil shows on mudlogs. Complete mapping and geologic review yielded positive DST results in the Wolfcamp, over 1.8MMBO were produced from one vertical Wolfcamp well and additional petrophysical analysis extended the Area of Mutual Interest, see the following. Sample analysis of the key well show excellent resource lithology and extend the muture Ro mapping. The aerial extent of the project has now grown to over 44,000 aces. Title is complete on 21 sections and leasing is underway.

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